A 'Fragrant Affair' with Federico

to 'A Fragrant Affair'.

FM by Federico Mahora fragrances is not your traditional party plan business but we all know that women love to socialise, get together and shop with friends. And who better to trust to be honest with you when selecting an exclusive fragrance for yourself -  a friend or a salesperson in a Department store flashing a card with a fragrance scent on it?

With our exclusive range of gent's fragrances if the boys want to join in, the more the merrier

Let Scentsual Obsessions share with you the 'FM by Federico Mahora' Fragrances experience at your next get together with friends.

And for the people who don't have the time to Host a 'A Fragrant Affair' at home, but love the idea of FREE Shoping. Why not host a 'Coffee & Shop'. Where you and your guests can indulge in coffee, capuccinos or lattes at your favorite coffee haunt, whilst sampling the Federico Mahora exclusive perfumes. If coffee is not your thing, there is always your favourite wine bar and make it a 'sip wine and shop'. When I leave, you and friends can continue partying without the cleaning up chores afterwards.

No matter where you host your 'Fragrant Affair' you will be guaranteed a 30% discount on all Federico Mahora products, not just on the day but for a 12 month period following. In addition:

  • A free gift for inviting me to share the Federico Mahora fragrances to your guests as a thank you.
  •  Free shopping to the value of 15% of total sales at your presentation.
  • $50 of FREE product if any guest chooses to join the Scentsual Obsessions team by purchasing a full starter kit within 14 days of your 'Fragrant Affair'. This includes the Hostess.

    Helping out your social club at work. You may want me to come to your place of work where you and your colleagues can sample wonderful fragrances over lunch. No preparation required. All I need is a table in your lunch or community room.

    Are you involved in a sporting club or any orgnisation needing funds? Check out my fundraising options.

      There is always a reason to get together with friends & host a 'Fragrant Affair'          

    Christmas, Valentines day, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Bridal Showers, Theme nights such as glamour or Hollywood nights,  the list is endless


    Call me to discuss

    Catalogue parties will attract 10% of sales in FREE shopping only (including fundraisers),