Our story

Welcome to the Federico Mahora World of Scent - A successful tri-partnership between Drom Fragrances International (Global leader in the creation of perfume essences), Perfand (Final End Perfume production) & FM Group World (Distribution via MLM model)

FM GROUP Poland was established in 2004 in Wrocsaw, Poland by Mr Artur Trawiñski. Due to its dynamic development, in 2007 a new company FM GROUP World was founded to expand the brand abroad. (http://fmworld.com/en/)

FM GROUP’s success lies in the combination of top quality consumable products with a highly motivating system of remunerating Business Partners, which allows for high financial profits. Today FM GROUP products are known and appreciated in over 50 countries. Over 600 000 Business Partners cooperate with FM GROUP and this number is constantly growing.

With a unique business model – network marketing, a type of direct selling – the company creates perfect conditions for the development of micro-enterprises. Offering professional business-training support. Network marketing is largely based on family ties and relationships. FM Group is a debt free, family owned business.

Drom today: A Global Fragrance Authority

Developing extraordinary fragrances and enabling people to experience them is the declared goal of drom. With creative centers in Europe, the U.S., Brazil and China and a highly modern, global organization, the company serves leading brand manufacturers around the world. drom fragrances has made its passion for innovation a cornerstone of its corporate philosophy, and continues to achieve new successes with forward-looking creations.

Drom started as a family business in Munich/Germany almost a century ago and is currently managed by the family's third generation. Headquartered in Baierbrunn near Munich, Germany.  The company has become one of the world’s leading fragrance producers. (www.drom.com)

drom is setting a new standard for the development of essential oils with its unique, absolutely natural, authentic pureganic oils. The scents of these oils are perceptibly different from those of conventional fragrance oils and are in line the current trend toward natural and 'green' cosmetics and organic products.

Where to Australia?

We are in the early phases here in Australia and with FM's outstandinng outstanding track record internationally it’s only a matter of time before FM fragrances are enjoyed and loved by all. The perfect time to join a globally established Brand in a new market. It is not very often that opportunities like this come by. Will you grab the bull by the horns and be a founding Business Partner. Just like I did.

 My Story - Cristina Sardon ID 12008052

My story is not so different to yours. My family has experienced the peaks and troughs of life. In a past life I held a senior position in a Human Resources Department which I surrendered to become a stay at home mum, losing my identity in the process and becoming some one's wife and mummy. It was time to re capture my identity.

Following my husband's retrenchment from his  employment, I experienced the difficulties of finding new employment having hit the magical age of 50.  So I started to look for new opportunities and found the FM Group.

The FM group welcomed me with open arms, my age, body height, weight, my cultural background were irrelevant.  Was I nervous when I joined, and  did I have concerns about my capabilities? Absolutely. And every time I show the business and marketing plan to somebody new, I still feel the butterflies in my stomach. I cannot think of a better business which I can enjoy with my friends and like minded people. It has developed into a family families.

Why MLM? I liked the idea of residual income. If I build a strong enough business I would not have to worry about my families financial security. Introducing the family


Why did I choose FM? I love the products


This space is for your story in the FM journey.  You can commence it today by registering online via: http://au.fmgroup.dega.com.pl/register/ and choose either Jesse, Neill or myself as your sponsor references. (see images above).  Where it will lead you it is up to you and I look forward to hearing of your success. In the meantime, I have provided some answers to frequently asked questions. www.fmworld.com