Women's Luxury Fragrances
Women's Luxury Fragrances

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The Luxury Collection will delight you.

From fresh to flowery; oriental to woody, there really is a fragrance to suit each women's individual style.

FM fragrances are in no way replicates of, or cheap imitations of, any other company’s products. Federico Mahora is the latest brand name in the world of Exclusive fragrances. Created in Europe.

With Federico Mahora, you may initially experience a hint of a scent which may be identical to your favorite designer fragrance. That is because Federico Mahora fragrances are produced using Drom’s own unique formula, a leading perfume essence creator behind names such as Gucci, Escada, l'Oreal & Bayer. 

As you wear your Federico Mahora fragrance, your fragrance scent will develop into a unique scentsual experience.

Your Federico Mahora fragrance is your unique scent, not to be compared to any other fragrance.

The luxury collection constains a combination of 50 ml Parfum strength fragrances and 100ml EDP.

Scroll down our beautifully designed bottles to select your exclusive Federico Mahora fragrances for purchase.


Choose your Luxury scent:FM142 (oriental-Parfum) Highly addictive combination of vanilla, sandalwood, Bulgarian rose and tuberose. (Hints of Dior Addict)
FM147 (floral-Parfum) The only composition in which the notes of mandarin, lychee, plum and lily of the valley interact so perfectly. (Hint of D&G-The One)
FM283 (floral-EDP) Provocative and sensual aroma of nextarine, orange blossom and musk. (Hint of Paris Hilton-Can Can)
FM284 (oriental-EDP) Delightful and energetic combination of pomelo, giner and orchid (Hint of DKNY-Be Delicious Night)
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