For thousands of years, people all over the world have been in love with one of the most exciting, exhilarating, sensual, provocative and desirable products ever created… Welcome to the Scentsual World of Federico Mahora. Where each fragrance is created with YOU in mind.

Your fragrance is your lasting impression. It is what you leave behind. Your fragrance is about YOU, it reflects your lifestyle, your personality, your image your uniqueness. So, it is important to get it right.

Created by leading European Fragrance creator DROM fragrances international, responsible for many Designer brand fragrances, FM does not invest in expensive marketing campaigns, celebrity endorsements or unnecessary third party overheads, passing instead the savings to the customer. Federico Mahora is synonymous with  'high end' fragrances without the 'high end' price tag. Fragrances are Parfum or EDP strength, not the Eau De Toilette (EDT) commonly found in Department Stores. This means

Affordable luxury.

The early 20 Century witnessed the introduction of signature perfumes. Ernest Beaux created Chanel No. 5 for Coco Chanel in 1921. One of the most recognised fragrances, with floral top note of ylang-ylang and neroli. Blends of jasmine and rose dominate the heart notes, all above a woody base of sandalwood and vetiver. Chanel believed women should wear perfume wherever they hoped to be kissed.

The post war era and liberation of women, witnessed the distribution of perfumes on mass.  Women were no longer satisfied with the one 'status signature' perfume. Perfume became, an expression of women's many ever changing moods, life styles and personalities.

At FM we cater to both women and men who love to smell great. FM affordable prices allows men and women to share their perfume styles with each occassion and mood. Book an appointment with a Federico Mahora perfume stylist and discover the fragrance that is right for you.

Why limit yourself to just one?

"A Woman who doesn't wear Perfume has No Future" Coco Chanel


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